Verify target memory against specified program file


GEL_VerifyProgram( "fileName" [,"cpuName"] [,"boardName"] );


filenamenames - the filename of the program file to verify target memory against. This could be in any format supported by the loader; see GEL_Load

cpuName(optional) - names the CPU on which to load the file (useful in a multiprocessor environment). The cpuName must be enclosed in quotation marks.

boardName(optional) - is the text string specified as the Board Name in the target configuration. The boardName must be enclosed in quotation marks.


Verify target memory against specified program file. This is the same as peforming a full verification while loading the program. Verify skips the actual loading and only performs the verification against what is already in target memory

If the file is not in the current directory, provide a full path name within the string. A double backslash escape sequence is required to ensure that you get a backslash into the fileName.

The cpuName must match the CPU name as configured in the multiprocessor setup. In a single processor system, you do not need to fill this field.


Synchronous from GEL: No

Completely synchronous: No


GEL_VerifyProgram("c:\mydir\myfile.out", "cpu_a", "Emulator");

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