7.9.2. Built-in GEL FunctionsΒΆ

There are several built-in GEL functions that allow you to control the state of the actual/simulated target, access the actual/simulated target memory locations, and to display results in the output window.

All GEL built-in functions are preceded with the prefix GEL_ to ensure they are not confused with user-defined GEL functions. If you wish to avoid preceding all calls to GEL built-in functions with GEL_ you can define functions with your own names and call the GEL built-in functions within your functions. For example, the following GEL function allows you to call the GEL_Load() built-in functions just by typing-in Load.


All built-in GEL functions and user-defined GEL functions consisting of GEL statements can be invoked directly from the console. To invoke any GEL statement or user-defined function, enter the appropriate function call in the console and press the Enter key to evaluate the expression. In this version of CCS, there are multiple console windows associated with a target; make sure the correct console view is selected as shown.