7.9.4. Loading and Unloading GEL Files

Startup GEL files defined in the target configuration file will be automatically loaded when a debug session is started.

Additional GEL files can be loaded in the Debug Session using the GEL Files dialog accessible via the menu Tools → GEL Files.


This will open the GEL Files view. From this view, users can see all loaded GEL files for that debug session and have the option to open them in the editor, reload the GEL file, remove/unload the GEL file, and load additional GEL files. Right-click in the view and select Load GEL to load a GEL file:


When a new GEL file is loaded, it will appear in the GEL Files view. If the load was successful, the status will be listed as Success.


Right clicking on the view or on a file shows several self-explainable options: