Saves a block of memory to file in various hex formats


GEL_MemorySaveHex("fileName","formatType", page,startAddress1,length1,startAddress2,length2,...)


fileName names the file to store the target data. The fileName must be enclosed in quotation marks.

formatType is a string that represents the hex format in which memory words will be written to the specified output file. The formatType must be enclosed in quotation marks. Choose from INTELHEX, TI-TXT.

page identifies the type of memory to fill: 0 (Program memory), 1 (Data memory) or 2 (I/O space)

For processors that do not have more than one type of memory, use 0 for this parameter.

startAddress1 is the first address in the block.

length1 defines the number of items to save.

startAddress2 is the first address for another block.

length2 defines the number of items to save.

... is for subsequent startAddress and length pairs.

Only one startAddress and length pair is required. Subsequent pairs are optional.


This function can be used to save a block of target memory to a specified file in varying hex formats. The block(s) of data are specified by the startAddress and length pairs.


Synchronous from GEL: Yes

Completely synchronous: Yes


GEL_MemorySaveHex("C:/mydir/myfile", "INTELHEX", 0, 0x8000, 20);

This example reads memory starting at 0x8000 and formats 20 values in intel hex format and saves it to the specified file.

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