Handle error messages from the target driver


GEL_HandleTargetError(regex , newText , replaceText , buttonText , handlerExpression );


regex is a string that is used to match against the target error messages

newText is a string to be appended to whatever the driver returns. It can be blank. If replaceText is true, it replaces the driver error text.

replaceText is a boolean indicating whether the text returned by the driver should be replaced by newText.

buttonText is a string to be used as the name of a new button in the error dialog. It will be ignored if it is blank.

handlerExpression is a string representing the GEL expression to be executed when the button is pressed.


This function lets a GEL script update and/or replace the text of a specific error, and also add its own optional handling of the problem.

UI requests are not blocked while the handler expression is executing.


Synchronous from GEL: Yes

Completely synchronous: No


GEL_HandleTargetError( ".*-1170.*", "nNo connection possible. You have the option to either toggle reset or try to use SWD instead.n ", 0, "Toggle RST", "MSP432_Board_Reset()" );