The ELF format binary file could include segments that require the loader to zero fill target memory ( see PT_LOAD entry type in the ELF program header ). This function provides a way for the user to indicate wheather they would like to enforce this behaviour. By default the CCS program loader does not zero fill target memory because of known issues in some linkers to include unnecessary PT_LOAD entries which leads to performance degradation. Generally, these kinds of PT_LOAD segments are included when using the RAM intialization model to zero fill unintialized global variables as required by the ansi-c specification.



enable - set to 1 to enable and 0 to disable.


Synchronous from GEL: Yes

Completely synchronous: No


GEL_EnableZeroFill(1) to enable

GEL_EnableZeroFill(0) to disable

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This function should be called to set the desired behaviour prior to calling GEL_Load to start a program load