Fills a block of memory.


GEL_MemoryFill(startAddress, page, length, pattern [, patternSizeType])


startAddressis the first address in the block.

page identifies the type of memory to fill: 0 (Program memory), 1 (Data memory) or 2 (I/0 space).

For processors that do not have more than one type of memory, use 0 for this Parameters. For simulated targets, the I/O space Parameters is not supported.

length defines the number of words to fill.

pattern is the value that is placed in each word in the block.

patternSizeType (optional) specifies the size of pattern that CCStudio should interpret. If not provided, pattern size will be interpreted as being the word size on the memory page on which the GEL_MemoryFill operation is taking place. Acceptable values for patternSizeType are as follows:

Target specific types: size of the type depends on the target used

0x00 - Char

0x01 - Unsigned Char

0x02 - Short

0x03 - Unsigned Short

0x04 - Enum

0x06 - Int

0x07 - Unsigned Int

0x08 - Long

0x09 - Unsigned Long

0x0B - Pointer

Target independent signed types

0x0C - 8 bit integer

0x0E - 16 bit integer

0x10 - 24 bit integer

0x12 - 32 bit integer

0x14 - 40 bit integer

0x16 - 48 bit integer

0x18 - 64 bit integer

Target independent unsigned types

0x0D - 8 bit unsigned integer

0x0F - 16 bit unsigned integer

0x11 - 24 bit unsigned integer

0x13 - 32 bit unsigned integer

0x15 - 40 bit unsigned integer

0x17 - 48 bit unsigned integer

0x19 - 64 bit unsigned integer

Large and floating point types

0x1E - long long

0x1F - unsigned long long

0x20 - float

0x22 - 32 bit IEEE single precision float

0x24 - double

0x26 - 64 bit IEEE double precision float

0x28 - long double


This function can be used to fill a block of target memory with a specified pattern.


Synchronous from GEL: Yes

Completely synchronous: Yes


// Fill memory 0x1000 on page 0 with 0x1000 instances of 0xa5a5 where 0xa5a5 is interpreted by CCS as a 32-bit unsigned integer.

GEL_MemoryFill(0x1000, 0, 0x100, 0xa5a5, 0x13);

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