Live Firmware Update (LFU)

C2000Ware contains examples to illustrate Live Firmware Update (LFU). LFU refers to firmware updates to a system while it is operating, with a mechanism to switchover to the new firmware either through a device reset, or without a device reset. The latter approach is more complex, but enables the system to seamlessly switchover from old to new firmware, even while running a real-time control loop. LFU is important for high availability systems like Server Power Supplies (PSUs) that need to remain ON even during updates, such as firmware updates. C2000Ware examples for LFU illustrate how to implement LFU either with device reset, or without device reset.

C2000Ware examples can be found in the /driverlib/f28004x/examples/flash sub-directory of the C2000Ware installation. Refer to Examples 2, 3, and 5.

LFU user guides centered around these examples are available at SPRUIU8, and SPRUIU9.

An LFU centric reference design is available at TIDM-02011.