The EtherCAT software package includes all the necessary software (except EtherCAT slave stack code) to setup F2838x (CPU1 or CM) as an EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC). This includes usage documentation, examples, EtherCAT hardware abstraction layer (HAL) drivers, and Beckhoff Stave Stack Code (SSC) Tool configuration file.

The package details are as follows:

  • docs Getting started guide on using the software, setting up an EtherCAT master, obtaining the EtherCAT slave stack code, and suggestions for troubleshooting

  • examples CPU1 and CM examples showcasing a sample ESC echoback application. This includes two pre-built image demos (which include EtherCAT slave stack code) that can be flashed onto the device for quick evaluation of the device as an ESC.

  • include, source -HAL drivers required by the EtherCAT slave stack code which provide the necessary read/write, initialization, and interrupt handler APIs.

  • ssc_configuration This folder is created once the secondary installer “ethercat_slave_ssc_and_demo_setup.exe” is run. It contains the echoback example application code, required system source code, and the Beckhoff SSC Tool configuration file. This configuration file gets imported into the SSC tool to configure all the stack code settings so that the slave stack code can be generated for the example application.