Fast Serial Interface (FSI) is the TI properitery communication peripheral which enables high-speed, reliable, serial communication across devices having isolation between them. C2000Ware software support contains device drivers and examples for FSI which help to understand and implement the functionalities such as communication between multiple devices connected in daisy chain topology, triggering the transmit using PWMs, communicating from the lead device with the node devices not having FSI, etc. The device technical reference manual contains additional details for the usage of FSI.

The FSI device drivers can be found in <C2000Ware_XX_XX>/driverlib/<device>/driverlib, and the examples can be found in <C2000Ware_XX_XX>/driverlib/<device>/examples/fsi

Additional example showcasing the event synchronization feature for all devices connected in daisy chain topology is available with the <C2000Ware_XX_XX>/examples/demos folder.