C2000Ware is the Core SDK for C2000™ MCUs. It is a collection of software components which enable easy use of the various hardware modules in the C2000. It consists of cohesive set of development tools including device-specific drivers, bit-fields, libraries (Math, DSP, Control), peripheral examples, utilities, hardware files, and documentation. Some of these software components can be directly used in customer code as building blocks – drivers, libraries. It also contains a rich set of examples to help unlock the full potential of the core and its peripherals. Fig. 2 shows the various software components which are part of C2000Ware. C2000Ware is supported across the following platforms - F28x7x, F28004x, F2838x and F28002x.

C2000Ware availability:


Fig. 2 C2000Ware Software Stack

C2000Ware Software Components