Motor Control Software Development Kit

The MotorControl SDK (MC SDK) is a cohesive set of software infrastructure, tools, and documentation designed to minimize C2000 MCU based motor control system development time targeted for various three-phase motor control applications. The software includes firmware that runs on C2000 motor control evaluation modules (EVMs) and TI designs (TIDs) which are targeted for industrial drive and other motor control. MotorControl SDK provides all the needed resources at every stage of development and evaluation for high performance motor control applications.

MC SDK has the latest DesignDRIVE and InstaSPIN-FOC solutions, including support for the FAST™ observer, real-time connectivity examples, incremental and absolute encoders, and the Fast Current Loop (FCL) optimized software library.

The MC SDK is built on top of C2000Ware and is available for download from The SDK is also available online via the TI Resource Explorer for C2000 MC SDK.


Fig. 6 Motor Control SDK


  • Complete software repository for C2000 MCU Motor Control Applications

  • InstaSPIN-FOC: Sensorless FOC solutions

    • Sensorless Torque or Velocity Field Oriented Control

    • FAST™ software observer for premium rotor Flux, Angle, Speed, and Torque estimations

    • Motor Parameter Identification

    • Observer and torque control loop automatic tuning

    • Premium performance for low-speed and highly dynamic applications

  • DesignDRIVE: Sensored FOC solutions

    • Sensored Velocity or Position Field Oriented Control

    • Position feedback: Resolver, Incremental and Absolute Encoders

    • Current sense techniques: Low-side shunt, in-line current sampling, and sigma-delta filter demodulation

    • Fast Current Loop (FCL): Optimized software library that takes full advantage of hardware resources to accelerate the sampling, processing, and actuation of the system to achieve the highest control bandwidth for a given PWM frequency in servo control applications.

    • Real-time connectivity examples