Legacy Software Components

This section describes C2000 legacy software packages.

C2000 controlSUITE™

C2000Ware is the successor to controlSUITE as the centralized, interactive, software repository for C2000. The application note “controlSUITE to C2000Ware Transition Guide” SPRUI45 highlights the differences, and similarities, between the packages to assist in getting started using C2000Ware when migrating from controlSUITE. ControlSuite is available for download from https://www.ti.com/tool/CONTROLSUITE.

The following content have been migrated to C2000Ware. Updates to this content will only be provided through C2000Ware.

  • Generic libraries (Math, DSP, Flash API, Boot ROM…)
    • Multiple devices including F2802x, F2803x, F2805x, F2806x, F2833x, F2823x

  • Device Support: bit-field source and headers, examples, linker command files
    • F2802x, F2803x, F2805x, F2806x, F2833x, F2823x

The following content will stay in controlSUITE with no plans to update.

  • TI Designs and Application examples
    • F2802x, F2803x, F2805x, F2806x, F2833x, F2823x

    • F28M35x, F28M36x, C2834x

  • Device and driver support
    • F28M35x, F28M36x, C2834x

  • Note: F2837xD, F2837xS, and F2807x
    • An early version of controlSUITE was released for these devices. But this content is not supported and has been migrated to C2000Ware and the SDKs. Users should migrate to C2000Ware and the SDKs for these devices.

TI Designs and Application examples for newer devices, not listed above, are supported through the DigitalPower SDK and MotorControl SDK.


C2000 MotorWare is the software and documentation package for developing InstaSPIN-FOC™ and InstaSPIN-MOTION™ based applications for F2802x, F2805x, and F2806x series. No further revisions to MotorWare is expected. MotorWare can be downloaded from https://www.ti.com/tool/MOTORWARE

For newer F28x-based devices users should download the C2000Ware MotorControl SDK.


C2000 controlSUITE and MotorWare are no longer being updated, but will continue to be available for download. The latest software releases for C2000 are now provided through C2000Ware with application examples through the DigitalPower SDK and MotorControl SDK.