C2000™ real-time controllers are a portfolio of high-performance microcontrollers that are purpose-built to control power electronics and provide advanced digital signal processing for industrial and automotive applications. Software components to program various modules in C2000 MCUs are released as part of C2000 software releases. This guide provides an overview of various software components and available functionality.

Getting started with C2000 Software

There are 3 software packages associated with C2000 software development:

There are multiple ways to get started with software on C2000. If you would like to start working online on with the SDKs, use TI Resource Explorer. Another option is to download the complete package onto your desktop and start development. Download information for the SDKs are available in the respective sections of the guide.

If you are new to C2000, a good starting point is basic examples of peripherals or libraries available in C2000Ware. C2000Ware provides all of the basic software to get started with programming C2000 MCUs - drivers, libraries, tools and examples. C2000Ware is the Core SDK for C2000 MCUs and is an application agnostic SW Development Kit.

If you are already familiar with C2000 software development and want to evaluate a complete system solution for a specific application, you can start with an existing TI Reference design in the appropriate SDK. There are multiple designs showcasing various design choices and reference SW in SDK to get started with such an evaluation. Refer to Digital Power Software Development Kit and Motor Control Software Development Kit for details on supported reference designs.

The Release notes for C2000Ware and SDKs lists all components and tools needed to run the examples or reference applications.

Development Kits

Figure below shows the various hardware options: LaunchPads, controlCARDSs and Application Kits


Fig. 1 Hardware - LaunchPads, controlCARDs or Application Kits