The Ethernet software for new generation F2838x devices runs on the Communication Manager (CM). The C2000Ware package contains the necessary software to get started with Ethernet. The package contains the low level driver Ethernet.c and Ethernet.h. There are also ports of lwIP, ptpd (third party stacks). Even though the CM side runs the stack and low level driver, the clock configurations and Pin Mux configurations should be done from the CPU1 side of F2838x before running the code on CM side.

Ethernet examples in C2000Ware:

  1. Low Level Ethernet Driver Examples - Present in <C2000Ware Installation Directory>/driverlib/f2838x/examples/cm/ethernet. These are low level Driver examples, which show how to configure the Low level driver to use different features of the driver.

  2. LWIP HTTP webserver Example - This uses the LWIP open source community stack and creates a webserver on F2838x device present in <C2000Ware Installation Directory>/libraries/communications/Ethernet/third_party/lwip/examples/enet_lwip

  3. PTPD example - This example uses ptpd community stack for the precision time Control and runs a PTP slave, and synchronizes the Ethernet PTP clock to the Master Clock based on PTP protocol. It is available at <C2000Ware Installation Directory>/libraries/communications/Ethernet/third_party/ptpd/examples/enet_ptpd

  4. TI NDK Stack example - This uses the TI RTOS and Network Development Kit(of NDK). This does a TCP Echo. This can be found at <C2000Ware Installation Directory>/libraries/communications/Ethernet/ti/ndk/examples/tcpEchoF2838X. For older F28M3xx Family of devices, the software for Ethernet is available in Control Suite package. <Control Suite Dir>/device_support/f28m35x/v220/MWare. It contains the driverlib, third party lwip, uip stacks.