TI-Drivers API reference

Generic interface CC13xx/CC26xx implementation Short Description
ADC.h ADCCC26XX.h AD converter driver for single sampling.
ADCBuf.h ADCBufCC26XX.h AD converter driver for continous sampling.
  CryptoCC26XX.h Driver for the AES hardware accelerator.
Display.h   Display driver for various output devices.
  GPTimerCC26XX.h Driver for the General Purpose Timer hardware.
I2C.h I2CCC26XX.h Driver for I2C/Two-wire bus.
  PDMCC26XX.h Converts PDM audio streams from a I2S microphone into PCM data with optional compression.
PIN.h PINCC26XX.h Driver for General purpose IO pins and edge interrupts.
Power.h PowerCC26XX.h Switches peripheral power domains on and off. Performs the power-down/power-up cycle.
PWM.h PWMTimerCC26XX.h Driver for the Pulse Width Modulation outputs using the General Purpose Timer unit.
  RF.h Single- and multi-client driver for the RF core.
SPI.h SPICC26XXDMA.h SPI driver using DMA transfers.
UART.h UARTCC26XX.h Driver for the Universal Asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter (UART) peripheral unit.
  UDMACC26XX.h Helper for convenient DMA access.
Watchdog.h WatchdogCC26XX.h Watchdog driver.