Proprietary Physical Layer

The proprietary physical layer (PHY) is the most common physical layer for Sub-1 GHz radio communication. It is available on the CC13x0, CC13x2, and CC2640R2 devices. The CC1310 and CC1312 devices supports only Sub-1 GHz while the CC2640R2 and CC2650 devices can only operate at 2.4 GHz. The CC1350 and CC1352 devices can operate in both frequency bands.

SmartRF Studio is TI’s tool for evaluating proprietary RF physical layers. In SmartRF Studio, you can easily evaluate different PHYs. You will also find characterized settings for all supported modes of operation for each individual device.

When you have used SmartRF Studio to find your preferred PHY, you can export the RF driver settings (smartrf_settings.c/h) into your software project. Step-by-step instructions for doing this is found in Simplelink Academy .