USB Introduction

The USB subsystem has a SuperSpeed (SS) USB3.1 Gen1 Dual-Role-Device (DRD) controller with on-chip SS (USB3.1 Gen1) PHY and HS/FS/LS (USB2.0) PHY.


LowSpeed (LS) is only supported in host mode. TI SoC Integration

The USB subsystem is integrated in TI AM64x devices. EVM

The USB controller operates in USB2.0 dual role mode on AM64x EVM with a microAB receptacle (labeled as J24).

A 2x3 header (labeled as J23) is provided on AM64x EVM to configure the port for host-only mode. Connecting Pin 1 and 2 to enable bulk capacitance on VBUS, and connecting Pin 5 and 6 to ground the ID pin.