3.11. System FirmwareΒΆ

System Firmware is a collective term used to describe the TI Foundational Security (TIFS) and Resource Management (RM)/ Power Management (PM) services. System Firmware executes on the Security Manager and Device Manager Core (DMSC) on AM64x.

System Firmware provides foundational security management and centralized device management.

The responsibilities of TIFS are:

  • Responsible for Centralized Foundational Security Management. These include functions like authenticated boot, JTAG unlock etc.
  • Behaves like a forwarding agent for Resource Management and Power Management requests made by Secure hosts (other CPUs) in the SoC.
  • Behaves as a forwarding agent for Resource Management and Power Management responses from the device manager to the Secure Hosts.
  • Firewall Management for resources requested by both secure and non-secure hosts.

The responsibilities of Device Manager are:

  • Servicing resource management and power management messages from secure and non-secure hosts.
  • Forwarding non-secure host requests to set the processor boot control or firewall configuration for safety applications to the DMSC.
  • Forwarding response received from the DMSC to non-secure hosts for the above forwarded messages.

Please refer to TISCI User Guide for details.