Over-the-Air Download (OAD)

The following sections aim to describe the lower layers of OAD software that are common across all protocol stack implementations. This includes the OAD image header, the flash layout, Boot Image Manager, and the oad_image_tool.

The following sections aim to describe the BLE5-Stack specific application and profile layer of the OAD solution. The OAD application section will describe the BLE OAD process from a high level in terms of events and states, and the profile section will cover the actual structures that are sent over the air.

See Over the Air Download (OAD) Reference for more information about the various OAD APIs and structures.


The current BLE5-Stack does not support on-chip OAD. Any reference to on-chip the following sections can be ignored

The following sections cover the out of the box demo for OAD using the BLE5-Stack. Additionally, the steps are included on how to add OAD to an existing project.