Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
GateMP_ParamsStructure defining parameters for the GateMP module
HeapBufMP_ExtendedStatsStats structure for the HeapBufMP_getExtendedStats API
HeapBufMP_ParamsStructure defining parameters for the HeapBufMP module
HeapMemMP_ExtendedStatsStats structure for the HeapMemMP_getExtendedStats API
HeapMemMP_ParamsStructure defining parameters for the HeapMemMP module
HeapMultiBufMP_BucketStructure for bucket configuration
HeapMultiBufMP_ExtendedStatsStats structure for the HeapMultiBufMP_getExtendedStats API
HeapMultiBufMP_ParamsStructure defining parameters for the HeapMultiBufMP module
HeapQueueMgr_ParamsStructure defining parameters for the HeapQueueMgr module
ListMP_ElemStructure defining a ListMP element
ListMP_ParamsStructure defining parameter structure for ListMP_create()
MessageQ_MsgHeaderRequired first field in every message
MessageQ_ParamsStructure defining parameters for the MessageQ module
NameServer_ParamsNameServer_Handle type
SharedRegion_EntryStructure defining a region
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