Data Fields

MessageQ_MsgHeader Struct Reference

Required first field in every message. More...

#include <MessageQ.h>

Data Fields

Bits32 reserved0
Bits32 reserved1
Bits32 msgSize
Bits16 flags
Bits16 msgId
Bits16 dstId
Bits16 dstProc
Bits16 replyId
Bits16 replyProc
Bits16 srcProc
Bits16 heapId
Bits16 seqNum
Bits16 reserved

Detailed Description

Required first field in every message.

Field Documentation

reserved for List.elem->next

reserved for List.elem->prev

message size

bitmask of different flags

message id

destination queue id

destination processor id

reply id

reply processor

source processor

heap id

sequence number


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