Data Fields

HeapMultiBufMP_ExtendedStats Struct Reference

Stats structure for the HeapMultiBufMP_getExtendedStats API. More...

#include <HeapMultiBufMP.h>

Data Fields

UInt numBuckets
UInt numBlocks [HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]
UInt blockSize [HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]
UInt align [HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]
UInt maxAllocatedBlocks [HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]
UInt numAllocatedBlocks [HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]

Detailed Description

Stats structure for the HeapMultiBufMP_getExtendedStats API.

Field Documentation

Number of buffers after optimization

UInt HeapMultiBufMP_ExtendedStats::numBlocks[HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]

Number of blocks in each buffer

UInt HeapMultiBufMP_ExtendedStats::blockSize[HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]

Block size of each buffer

UInt HeapMultiBufMP_ExtendedStats::align[HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]

Alignment of each buffer

UInt HeapMultiBufMP_ExtendedStats::maxAllocatedBlocks[HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]

The maximum number of blocks allocated from this heap at any single point in time during the lifetime of this HeapMultiBufMP instance

UInt HeapMultiBufMP_ExtendedStats::numAllocatedBlocks[HeapMultiBufMP_MAXBUCKETS]

The total number of blocks currently allocated in this HeapMultiBufMP instance

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