Data Fields

NameServer_Params Struct Reference

NameServer_Handle type. More...

#include <NameServer.h>

Data Fields

UInt maxRuntimeEntries
Ptr tableHeap
Bool checkExisting
UInt maxValueLen
UInt maxNameLen

Detailed Description

NameServer_Handle type.

Field Documentation

Maximum number of name/value pairs that can be dynamically created.

This parameter allows NameServer to pre-allocate memory. When NameServer_add() or NameServer_addUInt32() is called, no memory allocation occurs.

If the number of pairs is not known at configuration time, set this value to NameServer_ALLOWGROWTH. This instructs NameServer to grow the table as needed. NameServer will allocate memory from the NameServer_Params::tableHeap when a name/value pair is added.

The default is NameServer_ALLOWGROWTH.

Name/value table is allocated from this heap.

The instance table and related buffers are allocated out of this heap during the dynamic create. This heap is also used to allocate new name/value pairs when NameServer_ALLOWGROWTH for NameServer_Params::maxRuntimeEntries

The default is to use the same heap that instances are allocated from which can be configured via the NameServer.common$.instanceHeap configuration parameter.

Check if a name already exists in the name/value table.

When a name/value pair is added during runtime, if this boolean is true, the table is searched to see if the name already exists. If it does, the name is not added and the NameServer_E_ALREADYEXISTS error is returned.

If this flag is false, the table will not be checked to see if the name already exists. It will simply be added. This mode has better performance at the expense of potentially having non-unique names in the table.

This flag is used for runtime adds only. Adding non-unique names during configuration results in a build error.

Length, in MAUs, of the value field in the table.

Any value less than sizeof(UInt32) will be rounded up to sizeof(UInt32)

Length, in MAUs, of the name field in the table.

The maximum length of the name portion of the name/value pair. The length includes the null terminator ('\0').

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