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Data Fields
IVIDENC1_Status Struct Reference

Defines instance status parameters. More...

#include <ividenc1.h>

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Data Fields

XDAS_Int32 size
XDAS_Int32 extendedError
 Extended error information.
XDM1_SingleBufDesc data
XDM_AlgBufInfo bufInfo

Detailed Description

Defines instance status parameters.

This structure may be extended by individual codec implementations allowing customization with vendor specific parameters. The presence of vendor specific extensions will be detected by the value of the size parameter.
The size field must be correctly set by the caller. See http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Extending_data_structures_in_XDM for more details.
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Field Documentation

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Status::size

Size of this structure in bytes. Because this structure can be extended, this field must be correctly set by the caller.

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Status::extendedError

Extended error information.

When an internal error occurs, the algorithm will return an error return value (e.g. EFAIL, EUNSUPPORTED)
The value of each enum is the bit which is set.
Bits 31-16 are reserved. Bits 7-0 are codec and implementation specific.
The algorithm can set multiple bits to 1 based on conditions. e.g. it will set bits XDM_FATALERROR (fatal) and XDM_UNSUPPORTEDPARAM (unsupported params) in case of unsupported run time parameters.
This enumeration data type should not be used for storage, but rather only for its constant values.

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XDM1_SingleBufDesc IVIDENC1_Status::data

Buffer descriptor for data passing.

If this field is not used, the application must set data.buf to NULL.
This buffer can be used as either input or output, depending on the command.
The buffer will be provided by the application, and returned to the application upon return of the IVIDENC1_Fxns.control() call. The algorithm must not retain a pointer to this data.
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XDM_AlgBufInfo IVIDENC1_Status::bufInfo

Input and output buffer information.

This field provides the application with the algorithm's buffer requirements. The requirements may vary depending on the current configuration of the algorithm instance.
When configured to generate reconstruction buffers (see IVIDENC1_Params::reconChromaFormat), the recontruction buffer information will also be reported here.
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