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Here is a list of all modules:
oIAUDDEC - XDM Audio Decoder Interface
oIAUDDEC1 - XDM Audio Decoder Interface
oIAUDENC - XDM Audio Encoder Interface
oIAUDENC1 - Audio Encoder Interface
oIAUDIO - XDM Audio Interface
oIIMGDEC - XDM Image Decoder Interface
oIIMGDEC1 - XDM Image Decoder Interface
oIIMGENC - XDM Image Encoder Interface
oIIMGENC1 - XDM Image Encoder Interface
oISPEECH - XDM Speech Interface
oISPEECH - XDM Speech Interface
oISPEECH_AMR - XDM Speech Interface (AMR)
oISPEECH1_EVRC - XDM Speech Interface (EVRC)
oISPEECH1_G722 - XDM Speech Interface (G.722)
oISPEECH1_G7221 - XDM Speech Interface (G.7221)
oISPEECH1_G723 - XDM Speech Interface (G.723)
oISPEECH1_G726 - XDM Speech Interface (G.726)
oISPEECH1_ILBC - XDM Speech Interface (iLBC)
oISPEECH1_PCM - XDM Speech Interface (PCM)
oISPEECH1_SMV - XDM Speech Interface (SMV)
oISPEECH1_WBAMR - XDM Speech Interface (WBAMR)
oISPHDEC - XDM Speech Decoder Interface
oISPHDEC1 - XDM Speech Decoder Interface
oISPHENC - XDM Speech Encoder Interface
oISPHENC1 - XDM Speech Encoder Interface
oIUNIVERSAL - XDM Beta Universal Algorithm Interface
oIVIDANALYTICS - XDM Beta Video Analytics Interface
oIVIDDEC - XDM Video Decoder Interface
oIVIDDEC1 - XDM Video Decoder Interface
oIVIDDEC2 - XDM Video Decoder Interface
oIVIDDEC3 - XDM Video Decoder Interface
oIVIDENC - XDM Video Encoder Interface
oIVIDENC1 - XDM Video Encoder Interface
oIVIDENC2 - XDM Video Encoder Interface
oIVIDTRANSCODE - XDM Video Transcoder Interface
oIALG - XDAIS Algorithm Interface
oIDMA3 - Interface for requesting EDMA3 resources
oXDAIS Trace Support (Experimental)The XDAIS Trace module. Provides producers of algs the ability to, in a runtime-independant way, add tracing
oIVIDEO - XDM Video Interface
oXDM IVIDDEC2-based Video Decoder Split Interface
oXDM - Shared XDM Definitions
\XDAIS Types and Constants
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