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Data Fields
IVIDENC1_Params Struct Reference

Defines the creation time parameters for all IVIDENC1 instance objects. More...

#include <ividenc1.h>

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Data Fields

XDAS_Int32 size
XDAS_Int32 encodingPreset
XDAS_Int32 rateControlPreset
 Video rate control presets.
XDAS_Int32 maxHeight
XDAS_Int32 maxWidth
XDAS_Int32 maxFrameRate
XDAS_Int32 maxBitRate
XDAS_Int32 dataEndianness
XDAS_Int32 maxInterFrameInterval
XDAS_Int32 inputChromaFormat
XDAS_Int32 inputContentType
XDAS_Int32 reconChromaFormat

Detailed Description

Defines the creation time parameters for all IVIDENC1 instance objects.

This structure may be extended by individual codec implementations allowing customization with vendor specific parameters. The presence of vendor specific extensions will be detected by the value of the size parameter.
The size field must be correctly set by the caller. See http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Extending_data_structures_in_XDM for more details.

Field Documentation

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::size

Size of this structure in bytes. Because this structure can be extended, this field must be correctly set by the caller.

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::encodingPreset

Encoding preset.

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::rateControlPreset

Video rate control presets.

This enumeration data type should not be used for storage, but rather only for its constant values.
This enumeration defines a base set of values. Algorithms which require proprietary enumeration values may define them - much like extended fields in base structures. These extended enums should be between XDM_CUSTOMENUMBASE and 0x7FFF.
See also:

See also:
XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::maxHeight

Maximum video height in pixels.

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::maxWidth

Maximum video width in pixels.

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::maxFrameRate

Maximum frame rate in fps * 1000. For example, if max frame rate is 30 frames per second, set this field to 30000.

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::maxBitRate

Maximum bit rate, bits per second.

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::dataEndianness

Endianness of output data.

See also:
XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::maxInterFrameInterval

I to P frame distance. e.g. = 1 if no B frames, 2 to insert one B frame.

This is used for setting the maximum number of B frames between two refererence frames.
XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::inputChromaFormat

Chroma format for the input buffer.

See also:
XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::inputContentType

Video content type of the buffer being encoded.

See also:
XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_Params::reconChromaFormat

Chroma formats for the reconstruction buffers.

The application should set this to XDM_CHROMA_NA if reconstruction buffers are not required.
See also:

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