Running the Example Applications

This section provides an overview of the Z-Stack out-of-box example applications and instructions on how to run them.


Most examples have a coordinator, end device and router application. Green Power end device examples complement the Sink coordinator/router examples. The Network Processor is standalone.


All the sample applications are supported for the three platforms CC26X2R1, CC1352R1 and CC1352P_2. If a different platform is inteded to be used, just replace the board name in the path to find the corresponding README document.(e.g. “examples/rtos/CC1352R1_LAUNCHXL/zstack/zc_doorlock/README.html” if CC1352R1 platform is intended).

Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE)

Door Lock

Door Lock Controller

Generic App

Green Power Switch

Green Power Temperature Sensor


Light Sink

Network Processor

OTA Server


Switch OTA

Temperature Sensor


Thermostat Sink

Warning Device

Zone Device