CC26x2 Overview

This document describes how to use the SimpleLink Wireless MCU family CC26x2 from a software developer’s point of view. It covers general information about TI-RTOS and supported networking protocol stacks.

Table of contents

Further information

TI-RTOS User’s Guide:
 Detailed information about the TI-RTOS kernel: scheduling, interupts, synchronization.
TI-RTOS Kernel API documentation:
 API documentation of the TI-RTOS kernel modules and their configuration parameters.
TI Drivers API documentation:
 Doxygen API documentation of the high-level drivers.
Power Managment driver documentation:
 Core SDK Power Management documentation.
SimpleLink MCU SDK User’s Guide:
 SimpleLink MCU SDK User’s Guide.
DriverLib documentation:
 Doxygen API documentation of the low-level hardware abstraction layer.