AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00
tisci_rm_core.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  tisci_msg_rm_get_resource_range_req
 This file contains: More...
struct  tisci_msg_rm_get_resource_range_resp
 Get resource range response message. More...


struct tisci_msg_rm_get_resource_range_req __attribute__ ((__packed__))


struct tisci_header hdr
uint16_t type
uint8_t subtype
uint8_t secondary_host
uint16_t range_start
uint16_t range_num
uint16_t range_start_sec
uint16_t range_num_sec

Variable Documentation

◆ hdr

struct tisci_header hdr

◆ type

uint16_t type

◆ subtype

uint8_t subtype

◆ secondary_host

uint8_t secondary_host

◆ range_start

uint16_t range_start

◆ range_num

uint16_t range_num

◆ range_start_sec

uint16_t range_start_sec

◆ range_num_sec

uint16_t range_num_sec