AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00

Detailed Description

Header that prefixes all TISCI messages.

ROM messaging: Header for loading firmware. This is the same as the firmware header.

typeType of message identified by a TISCI_MSG_* ID
hostHost of the message.
seqMessage identifier indicating a transfer sequence.
flagsTISCI_MSG_FLAG_* for the message.
payloadPlaceholder pointer that can be used to access the raw message body.

Data Fields

uint16_t type
uint8_t host
uint8_t seq
uint32_t flags
uint8_t payload []

Field Documentation

◆ type

uint16_t Sciclient_RomFirmwareLoadHdr_t::type

◆ host

uint8_t Sciclient_RomFirmwareLoadHdr_t::host

◆ seq

uint8_t Sciclient_RomFirmwareLoadHdr_t::seq

◆ flags

uint32_t Sciclient_RomFirmwareLoadHdr_t::flags

◆ payload

uint8_t Sciclient_RomFirmwareLoadHdr_t::payload[]