VXLIB User's Manual (c66x)


Getting Started

Introduction VXLIB features and advantages
Package Contents What the installation provides and where
Building How to build VXLIB using CCS Projects or GNU make
Integration How to integrate VXLIB into your code
Examples Example projects provided with VXLIB
API Reference Detailed usage for all VXLIB kernels
BAM Plugin Support List of kernels which have BAM plugins supported

Additional Documents

Release Notes New features, device support, known issues, etc.
Software Manifest Link to manifests for all packages in delivery
Cycle Benchmarks Cycle and memory benchmarking
Standard Compliance MISRA-C Compliance

Helpful Links

Code Gen Tools Download site for TI DSP code generation tools
Code Composer Studio Download site for Code Composer Studio IDE
TI E2E Support Forum Forum for VXLIB questions or remarks
Library Wiki Find and download the latest VXLIB release

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