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Unless otherwise specified, the VXLIB package installs under C:\ti\ in directory vxlib_c66x_1_1_7_0. The files that comprise the VXLIB installation can be categorized into the following categories.

  1. Documentation
  2. Component Repository
  3. Kernel Directories
  4. Library Directory
  5. Eclipse Support
  6. Internal Meta Data

The sections that follow provide details for each category.



Installation places all VXLIB documentation in a Docs directory in the VXLIB root. The following documentation comes with the delivery:


Kernel Directories

The installation creates a Packages directory in the VXLIB root folder. This directory holds all kernels contained within the VXLIB library. This directory follows the standard TI directory structure. As an example, the files that comprise the VXLIB kernel VXLIB_box_3x3_i8u_o8u will be located, relative to the VXLIB root installation directory, at packages/ti/vxlib/src/vx/VXLIB_box_3x3_i8u_o8u/.

Each Kernel is delivered with a small test application that illustrates the kernel API and performs several validation tests. Each application provides an estimate of kernel cycle and program memory requirements.

Some selected kernels also contain a bam_plugin folder which contains the files necessary to plugin the respective kernel into the BAM block based processing framework.

Follow ccs_compile_knl for building & testing kernel projects.


Library Directory

The installation also creates a lib directory in the top folder with subpaths /<PLATFORM>/<CPU>/NO_OS/<release/debug>. This directory holds the following:

  • vxlib_<CPU>.lib : Main optimized vxlib library In addition to to default optimized library, the following libraries can also be generated from the makefile:
  • vxlib_cn_<CPU>.lib : C Natural Implementation of vxlib library
  • vxlib_bamplugin_<CPU>.lib : Library of bam plugin interfaces to the VXLIB functions.
  • common_<CPU>.lib : Common functions required for testing kernels.

Supported Platforms and Cpus:

  • PLATFORM: PC, J721E, J721S2, J784S4, AM62A, J722S
  • CPU: x86_64, C66, C7120 C7504 C7524

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