3.4. TOG Safety Example

3.4.1. Introduction

This example demonstrates the usage of the TOG module. The example shows how to listen for TOG error events using the ESM, and also forcing an error in order to demonstrate application notification of a timeout event.

The example demonstrates:

  • Setting a timeout for TOG instance

  • Error injection for an TOG instance

  • Error event detection for a timeout event

3.4.2. Use Cases

Use Case




The TOG is programmed with a timeout that is small enough to trigger a timeout event on any access. Error event is triggered and application is notified of the event.


3.4.3. Example Details

The example should be loaded to the hardware using the Secondary Boot Loader (SBL) from the SDK.

Example Name


Build Command



make tog_app PROFILE=release

3.4.4. Expected Output

TOG Sample Example

 Demo for minimum value timeout

ECC_Test_init: Init MCU ESM complete

SDL_TOG_setIntrEnable complete

SDL_TOG_init.timeout complete

SDL_TOG_start complete


  ESM Call back function called : instType 0x2, intType 0x1, grpChannel 0x2, index 0xd, intSrc 0x4d
  Take action

SDL_TOG_stop complete

1 Tests 0 Failures 0 Ignored

3.4.5. Reference

TOG User Guide