3.11. ROM_Checksum Safety Example

3.11.1. Introduction

This example demonstrates usage of the SDL ROM Checksum. This example is used to check the integrity of the data. Its work is to take a set of data associated with the memory regions of ROM and perform checksum on that data and then compare that resultant data value against a pre-determined golden vector value (golden vector has the expected value which should come as a result of 512-bit of hash message, golden vector is already defined and it has fixed address in ROM region).

3.11.2. Example Details

The example should be loaded to the hardware using the Secondary Boot Loader (SBL) from the SDK.

Example Name


Build Command



make rom_checksum_example PROFILE=release

3.11.3. Expected Output


ROM Checksum Example Application
Compute ROM-Checksum Data integrity passed
All tests have passed.

1 Tests 0 Failures 0 Ignored

3.11.4. Reference

ROM_Checksum User Guide