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 |o*RcmClient.hRemote Command Message Client Module. An RcmClient is used for sending messages to an RcmServer for processing
 |o*RcmServer.hRemote Command Message Server Module. An RcmServer processes inbound messages received from an RcmClient
 |\*RcmTypes.hRemote Command Message Types
  |o*MmRpc.hMulti-Media derived Remote Procedure Call
  |o*MmServiceMgr.hMulti-Media Service Manager
  |\*MmType.hSpecific types to support the MmRpc and MmServiceMgr modules
  |o*Mx.hExample of a host-side module which uses MmRpc to invoke functions on a remote processor
  |\*MxServer.hExample of a slave-side module which implements the Mx module functions. The functions in MxServer are invoked remotely by the Mx module running on the host processor
  o*GateMP.hMultiple processor gate that provides local and remote context protection
  o*HeapBufMP.hMulti-processor fixed-size buffer heap implementation
  o*HeapMemMP.hMulti-processor variable size buffer heap implementation
  o*HeapMultiBufMP.hMultiple fixed size buffer heap implementation
  o*Ipc.hIpc Manager
  o*ListMP.hMultiple processor shared memory list
  o*MessageQ.hMessageQ Manager
  o*MultiProc.hProcessor ID Manager
  o*NameServer.hNameServer Manager
  o*Notify.hNotification manager for IPC
  \*SharedRegion.hShared memory manager and address translator
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