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MmServiceMgr.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Multi-Media Service Manager.

MmServiceMgr is currently only available for SYS/BIOS, when providing services for an MmRpc client on Linux or QNX.
#include <ti/grcm/RcmServer.h>
#include <ti/ipc/mm/MmType.h>
#include <ti/srvmgr/omaprpc/OmapRpc.h>
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#define MmServiceMgr_S_SUCCESS   (0)
 Operation is successful.
#define MmServiceMgr_E_FAIL   (-1)
 Operation failed.


typedef Void(* MmServiceMgr_DelFxn )(Void)


Int MmServiceMgr_init (Void)
 Initialize the MmServiceMgr module.
Void MmServiceMgr_exit (Void)
 Finalize the MmServiceMgr module.
Int MmServiceMgr_register (const String name, RcmServer_Params *params, MmType_FxnSigTab *fxnSigTab, MmServiceMgr_DelFxn delFxn)
 Register a new service.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MmServiceMgr_S_SUCCESS   (0)

Operation is successful.

#define MmServiceMgr_E_FAIL   (-1)

Operation failed.

Typedef Documentation

typedef Void(* MmServiceMgr_DelFxn)(Void)

Function Documentation

Int MmServiceMgr_init ( Void  )

Initialize the MmServiceMgr module.

Void MmServiceMgr_exit ( Void  )

Finalize the MmServiceMgr module.

Int MmServiceMgr_register ( const String  name,
RcmServer_Params params,
MmType_FxnSigTab fxnSigTab,
MmServiceMgr_DelFxn  delFxn 

Register a new service.

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