6.3. Analysis and Optimization Tools

CCS includes several productivity tools and views to help you analyze and optimize your application. Some of these are described below.

6.3.1. Memory Allocation View

The Memory Allocation view provides a graphical representation of how much memory is consumed by your application. It is a quick and easy way to see how much Flash and RAM is being used by the application without having to dig into the details of the linker map file.

To open the view go to the View main menu and select Memory Allocation.

By default, the view shows the memory used relative to the total available memory for the CCS project that is active in the Explorer, as long as the project has been successfully built. You can expand each memory region to see how much memory each individual section or sub-section is using.


The view can be customized to filter/sort data as desired. This can be configured under the More Actions... options:


You can also view the memory allocation for any project for which you have access to the TI link-info file (even if the project is not open in the workspace). Use the Open TI link-info file in the Memory Allocation view to open the TI link-info file (linkInfo.xml). The linkInfo.xml file is generated by the TI linker with the --xml_link_info linker option, usually enabled by default for most TI example projects.