J721E Processor Descriptions


This chapter provides information of Processor and Host IDs that are permitted in the J721E SoC. These Processor IDs represent an actual physical processor on the SoC.

NOTE: This should not be confused with HOST_ID.

Enumeration of Processor IDs

Processor ID Processor Name Location in SoC
0x01 MCU_R5FSS0_CORE0 J7_MCU_SEC_MMR_MCU_0: (Cluster 0 Processor 0)
0x02 MCU_R5FSS0_CORE1 J7_MCU_SEC_MMR_MCU_0: (Cluster 0 Processor 1)
0x03 C66SS0_CORE0 J7_MAIN_SEC_MMR_MAIN_0: (Cluster 2 Processor 0)
0x04 C66SS1_CORE0 J7_MAIN_SEC_MMR_MAIN_0: (Cluster 3 Processor 0)
0x06 R5FSS0_CORE0 J7_MAIN_SEC_MMR_MAIN_0: (Cluster 0 Processor 0)
0x07 R5FSS0_CORE1 J7_MAIN_SEC_MMR_MAIN_0: (Cluster 0 Processor 1)
0x08 R5FSS1_CORE0 J7_MAIN_SEC_MMR_MAIN_0: (Cluster 1 Processor 0)
0x09 R5FSS1_CORE1 J7_MAIN_SEC_MMR_MAIN_0: (Cluster 1 Processor 1)
0x20 A72SS0_CORE0 COMPUTE_CLUSTER_J7ES_TB_VDC_MAIN_0_DMSC_WRAP: (Cluster 0 Processor 0)
0x21 A72SS0_CORE1 COMPUTE_CLUSTER_J7ES_TB_VDC_MAIN_0_DMSC_WRAP: (Cluster 0 Processor 1)
0x30 C71SS0 COMPUTE_CLUSTER_J7ES_TB_VDC_MAIN_0_DMSC_WRAP: (Cluster 4 Processor 0)