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WatchdogMSP432.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Watchdog driver implementation for MSP432.

The Watchdog header file for MSP432 should be included in an application as follows:

Refer to Watchdog.h for a complete description of APIs & example of use.


The MSP432 Watchdog Timer will cause resets at an interval based on the count calculated from the clock source and clock divider specified in the WatchdogMSP432_HWAttrs. By default the Watchdog driver has resets turned on. This means that if Watchdog_clear() is not called to reset the Watchdog timer before it times out, a reset will be generated. Watchdog_close() will stop the Watchdog timer. To restart it again, Watchdog_open() must be called.

Opening the Watchdog driver with resets turned off (Using the Watchdog_Params.resetMode parameter) allows the Watchdog Timer to be used like another timer interrupt. The callback fxn provided in the params will be executed when the timer expires.

The watchdog peripheral does not support a Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI).

Unsupported Functionality

  1. Watchdog_Params.debugStallMode is not supported by this implementation.
  2. Watchdog_Params.callbackFxn is not supported when using Watchdog_RESET_ON mode.
  3. Watchdog_setReload() and Watchdog_convertMsToTicks() APIs are not supported by this implementation.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <ti/drivers/Watchdog.h>
#include <ti/drivers/dpl/HwiP.h>
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Data Structures

struct  WatchdogMSP432_HWAttrs
 Watchdog hardware attributes for MSP432 These fields are used by driverlib APIs and therefore must be populated by driverlib macro definitions. For MSP432Ware these definitions are found in: More...
struct  WatchdogMSP432_Object
 Watchdog Object for MSP432. More...


const Watchdog_FxnTable WatchdogMSP432_fxnTable
 Watchdog function table for MSP432. More...

Variable Documentation

§ WatchdogMSP432_fxnTable

const Watchdog_FxnTable WatchdogMSP432_fxnTable

Watchdog function table for MSP432.

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