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SC-MCSDK  2_02_01_03

Build date: 04162015

Release Information

This is the Production release of the SC-MCSDK 2.2.1 release.

The Small Cell Multicore Software Development Kit (SC-MCSDK) provides the core foundational building blocks that facilitate application software development on TI's high performance and multicore DSPs. This software release gives developers the ability to evaluate major software capabilities of KeyStone family devices.

Please see Getting Started Guide to get started on the evaluation board. Please refer to Release Notes for the major updates from the previous release.
Note: Please install Code Composer Studio before installing SC-MCSDK package.

Supported Platforms
Platform Development Kit Supported Devices Supported EVMs
TCI6614 TCI6614 TMDXEVM6614

Software Defects

Please refer to the Release Notes


For technical discussions and issues, please contact TI Applications Support.


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SC-MCSDK Product Downloads
Title Description Size
SC-MCSDK_Release_Notes.pdf SC-MCSDK Release Notes and Licensing overview 540K
sc_mcsdk_2_02_01_03_setuplinux.bin SC-MCSDK installer for Linux 1350516K
sc_mcsdk_2_02_01_03_windows_setup.exe SC-MCSDK installer for Windows 1302956K
User Guide SC-MCSDK User Guide 6776K
Getting Started Guide SC-MCSDK Getting Started Guide 1284K
sc_mcsdk_2_02_01_03_p01_package.tar.gz Patch 01 package (RELEASED ON: 05/23/2014) 1897048K
sc_mcsdk_2_02_01_03_p02_package.tar.gz Patch 02 package (RELEASED ON: 08/08/2014) 1651528K
sc_mcsdk_2_02_01_03_p03_package.tar.gz Patch 03 package (RELEASED ON: 09/24/2014) 1660480K
sc_mcsdk_2_02_01_03_p04_package.tar.gz Patch 04 package (RELEASED ON: 10/29/2014) 1666168K
sc_mcsdk_2_02_01_03_p05_package.tar.gz Patch 05 package (RELEASED ON: 01/27/2015) 1648368K
sc_mcsdk_2_02_01_03_p06_package.tar.gz Patch 06 package (RELEASED ON: 04/17/2015) 16480K
sc_mcsdk_linux_2_02_01_03.arago.src.tar.gz SC-MCSDK ARM Arago source tarball 1304760K
ti_emupack_keystone1_setup_1.0.6.0.bin TI KeyStone1 Emupack 1.0.6 Linux Installer (Gel files and XML files) for TCI6614
ti_emupack_keystone1_setup_1.0.6.0.exe TI KeyStone1 Emupack 1.0.6 Windows Installer (Gel files and XML files) for TCI6614
CCS v5.4.0.00091 This is the TI Code Composer Studio IDE. It contains the IDE, CodeGen Tools, debugger and base components such as BIOS, IPC and so forth.
Code Gen 7.3.1 Windows CodeGen Tools for Windows
Code Gen 7.3.1 Linux CodeGen Tools for Linux
MD5 Checksums 4K
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