3.9.8. QT Graphics Framework

Qt is a powerful C++ toolkit for writing cross-platform graphics applications, enabling a single code base to run predictably and perform well on Windows and embedded platforms,

Please refer https://www.qt.io/ for additional details on Qt.

The PSDK target file system includes the pre-built Qt libraries under /usr/lib and a rich set of QT demo applications under /usr/share/qt5/examples. A small subset of QT demo applications such as Calculator and Animatedtiles can also be invoked through Matrix.


The QT5 within PSDK is prebuilt with Wayland enabled and therefore wayland-egl is the default QPA. Hence all QT applications should be run on top of Weston. To run QT application without Weston, the user can use “- platform” option to specify the desired QPA as “linuxfb” or “eglfs”.