3.16. ARM Trusted Firmware-AΒΆ


Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) provides a reference implementation of secure world software for Armv7-A and Armv8-A, including a Secure Monitor executing at Exception Level 3 (EL3).

ATF is used as the initial start code on ARMv8-A cores for all K3 platforms. After setting up the initial core state and applying any needed errata fixes it sets up itself as the EL3 monitor handler. After this is installs the secure world software (OP-TEE) and passes execution on to either the Linux kernel or U-Boot in the non-secure world.

Getting the ATF Source Code

$ git clone https://git.trustedfirmware.org/TF-A/trusted-firmware-a.git

Building ATF

$ make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- PLAT=k3 DEBUG=1 SPD=opteed all

Default load locations

ATF image 0x70000000

OP-TEE image 0x9e800000

U-Boot/Linux kernel image 0x80080000

DTB 0x82000000

These can be changed from the defaults if needed in: