Processor SDK Linux Software Developer’s Guide¶

Welcome to the Processor SDK Linux Software Developer’s Guide


Processor SDK documentation is now created from reStructuredText sources using Sphinx, and hosted on instead of processors wiki - starting 4.3 release.

We intend to retain the look and feel of the content to make this transition seamless, and yet provide the users with the benefits of consuming the content generated with emergent documentation tools.

Wiki content will be left for reference during this migration process to find any missing old content. Feel free to drop us a note using the forums listed at Technical Support, and we would love to hear from you.

Old Wiki Documentation links from previous releases:

Thank you for choosing to evaluate one of our TI Processors ARM microprocessors. It is designed to quickly provide the information you need most while evaluating a TI microprocessor, specifically running one of the Software Architectures available, embedded Linux. We are always striving to improve this product. Please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions.

Processor SDK Linux
Getting Started Guide <– Start Here How To Guides
Supported Platforms and Versions Linux Software Stack
Directory Structure Overview Building the SDK
Release Notes Migration Guide
GPLv3 Disclaimer MCSDK to Processor SDK Migration Guide
Technical Support Training
Foundational Components (more information on each piece of the distribution)
U-Boot Boot Monitor Kernel Filesystem
Tools OpenCL OpenCV Graphics & Display
Multimedia Examples, Demos PRU-ICSS / PRU_ICSSG Virtualization
IPC OpenVX CMEM Machine Learning
PRU-ICSS / PRU_ICSSG Protocols (more information on each piece of the distribution)


If you have feedback, suggestions, or ideas on how to improve the SDK, it is very appreciated. Please post your ideas to the Linux forum listed at Technical Support.

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