MSPWare  3_30_00_18

Build date: 04012016

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MSPWare is a collection of code examples, datasheets and other design resources for ALL MSP430 and MSP432 devices delivered in a convenient package - essentially everything developers need to become MSP experts!

What's New?


There are two methods to install MSPWare:

Installing via the Code Composer Studio (CCS) App Center

If you have CCS 6.0 or later you can install MSPWare via the CCS App Center.

  1. Open up CCS
  2. Click “View->CCS App Center”
  3. Click the checkbox next to MSPWare
  4. Then click “Install Software” in the top left corner of the app center.
  5. Let CCS restart and discover the software. You can now use TI Resource Explorer within CCS

Installing via the Standalone Installer

If CCS is not your primary IDE or want an offline installer on hand you can download the standalone installer.

  1. Download the standalone installer from the table below.
  2. Double click to run the installer, the default installation path is discoverable by CCS
  3. Run CCS and let it discover the MSPWare installation. You can now use TI Resource Explorer within CCS.


What is the difference between MSPWare and Driver Library?

MSPWare is a collection of MSP430 and MSP432 software and tools. One of the main components of MSPWare is Driver Library (DriverLib).

Why are there multiple driverlib folders within MSPWare?

MSPWare contains many different software libraries and projects. Some of these components depend on a specific version of Driver Library. Each component ships the version of Driver Library they tested with to ensure that all software works for you out of the box.

Can I have multiple versions of MSPWare installed?

Yes! MSPWare installations can exist alongside each other. You should only see the latest installed version within the TI Resource Explorer window of Code Composer Studio however.

How can I get support for MSPWare?

Feel free to use the TI E2E forum to ask anything MSPWare related.

Previous Versions

MSPWare Product downloads

Title Description Size
Code Composer Studio with MSP430ware Recomended CCS Download
Unlocked MSPWare_3_30_00_18_setup.exe Standalone MSPWare for Windows 390424K
Unlocked Standalone MSPWare for Linux 605732K
Unlocked Standalone MSPWare for Mac OS X 406344K
Unlocked TexasInstruments.MSPWare.3.30.00.pack MSPWare Pack for Keil 99504K
MSP430 Driver Library BSD Release of MSP430 Driver Library
MSP432 Driver Library BSD Release of MSP432 Driver Library
MSPWare Documentation
MSPWare Release Notes
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K

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