MSP430_Driver_Library  2_91_13_01

Build date: 02282020

Release Information

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MSP430 Driver Library is a collection of high level APIs that speed up software development for MSP430. The MSP430 Driver Library package includes API documentaion and examples to help you get started.

What's New?

Device Support

This release of MSP430 Driver Library supports all of the following device families:


How do I use MSP430 Driver Library?

MSP430 Driver Library is available as a standalone BSD released package. To use the library simply download and unzip the package below. Please read the included user's guide to learn about adding driver library to a new or existing project.

MSP430 Driver Library is also released as a component of MSP430Ware. You can import and run examples from driver library from the TI Resouce Explorer GUI within the Code Composer Studio (CCS) window when you have MSP430Ware installed. For more information about MSP430Ware check the table below for a link to the latest version.

What is the difference between MSP430Ware and Driver Library?

MSP430Ware is a collection of MSP430 software and tools. One of the main components of MSP430Ware is Driver Library (DriverLib).

Why are there multiple driverlib folders within MSP430Ware?

MSP430Ware contains many different software libraries and projects. Some of these components depend on a specific version of Driver Library. Each component ships the version of Driver Library they tested with to ensure that all software works for you out of the box.

Can I have multiple versions of MSP430Ware installed?

Yes! MSP430Ware installations can exist alongside each other. You should only see the latest installed version within the TI Resource Explorer window of Code Composer Studio however.

How can I get support for MSP430Ware?

Feel free to use the TI E2E forum to ask anything MSP430Ware related.

MSP430_Driver_Library Product downloads

Title Description Size BSD Licensed Driver Library 25028K
Code Composer Studio Recommended CCS Download
MSP430Ware Recommended MSP430Ware Download
MSP430 Driver Library Documentation
MSP430 Driver Library Release Notes
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430F5xx and MSP430F6xx Device Documentation
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430F5xx_6xx API Guide
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430F5xx_6xx Users Guide 3472K
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430FR57xx Device Documentation
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430FR57xx API Guide
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430FR57xx Users Guide 2916K
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430FR5xx_6xx Device Documentation
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430FR5xx_6xx API Guide
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430FR5xx_6xx Users Guide 3152K
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430FR2xx_4xx Device Documentation
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430FR2xx_4xx API Guide
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430FR2xx_4xx Users Guide 2960K
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430i2xx Device Documentation
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430i2xx API Guide
MSP430 Driver Library MSP430i2xx Users Guide 2576K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K

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