MSP430-GCC  3_03_04_00

Build date: 05122015

Release Information

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TI has partnered with Red Hat to bring you a new and fully supported open source compiler. This free GCC compiler has no code size limit. In addition, this compiler can be used standalone or selected within  Code Composer Studio  6.0. 




MSP Debug Stack v3.5.0.1

Key Changes in This Release

  • New Device Support
    • RF430F5175, RF430F5155, RF430F5144
    • MSP430FR5922(1)

  • MSBDebugStack Changes
    • Native 64 BIT OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) support
    • Remove LPT support including HIL.DLL on Windows
    • Remove LPMx.5 debug support for all F5xx/F6xx and FR57xx devices due to hardware limitation

  • MSBDebugStack Bug Fixes
    • Fixed that ISR was executed in the background when single stepping
    • Fixed that ADC12 was running with a too high clock speed on MSP-FET and eZ-FET
    • Fixed that MSP430FR4133 does not automatically resume running after fuse blow
    • Fixed that buffer access on system event was not checked against null pointer
    • Fixed race condition between EnergyTrace event and EnergyTrace reset
    • Fixed that the VMAIFG bit inside the SFR register was set to "1" because of debugger connect

Known Issues

  • The MSP430FR4133 (Gradon) is currently not fully supported by GDB + GDB Agent.
  • When running the GNU debugger on Microsoft Windows, pressing Ctrl-C may terminate the debugger.
  • The GDB Agent is not able to connect to MSP430L092 target devices.
  • The GDB Agent is not able to connect to RF430FRL15xH target devices.

Older Releases

    1_00_00_00 Initial release (version 271, beta)
    1_00_01_00 Minor update - source code only (version 317, beta)
    1_01_00_00 Version 371, beta
    2_00_00_00 Version 14r1-10, first official production release
    2_01_01_00 MSP430 Debug Stack update and compiler
    3_02_02_00 MSP430 Debug Stack, compiler, support files
    3_02_03_00 MSP430 Debug Stack, compiler, support files

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MSP430-GCC Product downloads

Title Description Size
Unlocked Redhat GCC Linux installer incl. support files and debug stack and USB drivers - apply chmod x before executing the package 76000K
Unlocked msp430-gcc-full-windows-installer- Redhat GCC Windows installer incl. support files and debug stack and USB drivers 67600K Redhat GCC Linux installer - compiler only - apply chmod x before executing the package 59504K
msp430-gcc-windows-installer-3.x.x.exe Redhat GCC Windows installer - compiler only 46768K Header Files 17588K
msp430-gcc-source.tar.bz2 Redhat GCC source files 119064K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K

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