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MSPGCC  3_02_02_00

Build date: 11252014

Release Information

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TI has partnered with Red Hat to bring you a new and fully supported open source compiler. This free GCC compiler has no code size limit. In addition, this compiler can be used standalone or selected within  Code Composer  6.0 (beta). 



Key Changes in This Release

  • Fixed loading of program into GDB with function in high memory.
  • Fixed BISX.A opcode syntax error
  • Includes MSPDebugStack v3.4.3.4:
    • New device support:
      RF430FRL152H, RF430FRL153H, RF430FRL154H
      MSP430FR6972, MSP430FR6970, MSP430FR6922, MSP430FR6920, MSP430FR6872, MSP430FR6870, MSP430FR6822, MSP430FR6820, MSP430FR5972, MSP430FR5970, MSP430FR5872, MSP430FR5870
    • Changes:
      Advanced hardware cycle counter support
      Hardware cycle counters can be freely configured
      Support both cycle counters where available
      Software breakpoints support when MPU is enabled
    • Bug Fixes:
      Fixed eZ-FET LED signaling - not according to specification for over-current detection
      Fixed secure device message - Report "Security Fuse has been blown" instead of "Unknown device"
      Fixed endianness in IntelHex offset record
      Fixed clock control module names for MSP430FR413x
      Fixed accidentally changing WDT interval on sync
      Fixed secure device for MSP430FR413x
      Fixed SendJtag mailbox function - Send pattern while Reset line is low
      Fixed ResetXv2 function - Send pattern while Reset line is low
      Fixed Erase for password protected FRAM devices - do segment erase from 0xFF80 to 0x10000 on all FRAM devices to erase the password and the Reset
      vector to prevent code execution and to disable the password protection
      Fixed possible deadlock in MSP430_Close function
      Fixed Reset function for MSP430F5438 non A devices. Mailbox is not functional in Reset state on this device
    • Header & Support File Changes:
      Remove legacy NACCESSx definitions from Havok/Wolverine header files
      New command files place .text into FLASH2 first, breaking small code model apps
      Support for TinyRAM
      MSP430F5217 Port 7 defines added
      Added .infomem sections in GCC linker files
      Improved support for large memory devices

Known Issues

  • The MSP430FR4133 (Gradon) is currently not fully supported by GDB + GDB Agent.
  • When running the GNU debugger on Microsoft Windows, pressing Ctrl-C may terminate the debugger.
  • The GDB Agent is not able to connect to MSP430L092 target devices.
  • The GDB Agent is not able to connect to RF430FRL15xH target devices.

Older Releases

    1_00_00_00 Initial release (version 271, beta)
    1_00_01_00 Minor update - source code only (version 317, beta)
    1_01_00_00 Version 371, beta
    2_00_00_00 Version 14r1-10, first official production release
    2_01_01_00 MSP430 Debug Stack update and compiler

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MSPGCC Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Unlocked msp430-gcc-full-linux-installer- Redhat GCC Linux installer incl. support files and debug stack and USB drivers - apply chmod x before executing the package 77540K
Unlocked msp430-gcc-full-windows-installer- Redhat GCC Windows installer incl. support files and debug stack and USB drivers 67344K
msp430-gcc-linux-installer-3.x.x.run Redhat GCC Linux installer - compiler only - apply chmod x before executing the package 59412K
msp430-gcc-windows-installer-3.x.x.exe Redhat GCC Windows installer - compiler only 46684K
msp430-gcc-support-files.zip Header Files 19028K
msp430-gcc-source.tar.bz2 Redhat GCC source files 119020K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K
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