AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00

Detailed Description

Configures a Navigator Subsystem UDMAP global configuration region. Configures the non-real-time registers of a Navigator Subsystem UDMAP global configuration region. The GCFG region being programmed must be assigned to the host defined in the TISCI header via the RM board configuration resource assignment array. Individual fields for registers specified as valid are not checked for correctness. It is the application's responsibility to verify if the register fields are being set according to the device specification.

hdrStandard TISCI header
valid_paramsBitfield defining validity of global configuration parameters. The configuration fields are not valid, and will not be used for global configuration, if their corresponding valid bit is zero. Valid bit usage: 0 - Valid bit for tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::perf_ctrl 1 - Valid bit for tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::emu_ctrl 2 - Valid bit for tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::psil_to 3 - Valid bit for tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::rflowfwstat
nav_idSoC device ID of Navigator Subsystem where global configuration is located
perf_ctrlConfigures the performance control register. This field is only valid if TISCI_MSG_VALUE_RM_UDMAP_GCFG_PERF_CTRL_VALID is set in tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::valid_params.
emu_ctrlConfigures the emulation control register. This field is only valid if TISCI_MSG_VALUE_RM_UDMAP_GCFG_EMU_CTRL_VALID is set in tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::valid_params.
psil_toConfigures the PSI-L proxy timeout register. This field is only valid if TISCI_MSG_VALUE_RM_UDMAP_GCFG_PSIL_TO_VALID is set in tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::valid_params.
rflowfwstatWrites the rx flow ID firewall status register. This field is only valid if TISCI_MSG_VALUE_RM_UDMAP_GCFG_RFLOWFWSTAT_VALID is set in tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::valid_params.

Data Fields

struct tisci_header hdr
uint32_t valid_params
uint16_t nav_id
uint32_t perf_ctrl
uint32_t emu_ctrl
uint32_t psil_to
uint32_t rflowfwstat

Field Documentation

◆ hdr

struct tisci_header tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::hdr

◆ valid_params

uint32_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::valid_params

◆ nav_id

uint16_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::nav_id

◆ perf_ctrl

uint32_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::perf_ctrl

◆ emu_ctrl

uint32_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::emu_ctrl

◆ psil_to

uint32_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::psil_to

◆ rflowfwstat

uint32_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_gcfg_cfg_req::rflowfwstat