AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00

Detailed Description

Delegates the specified flow to another host for configuration. Only the original owner of the flow, as specified in the RM board configuration resource entries, can delegate an additional host as able to configure the flow. A flow's delegation can be cleared by the original owner of the flow using the clear parameter.

hdrStandard TISCI header
valid_paramsBitfield defining validity of flow delegation parameters. The flow delegation fields are not valid, and will not be used, if their corresponding valid bit is zero. Valid bit usage: 0 - Valid bit for tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::delegated_host 1 - Valid bit for tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::clear
dev_idSoC device ID of DMA in which the common flow exists.
flow_indexDMA common flow being delegated for configuration.
delegated_hostThe host delegated configuration access to the flow. The host must be a valid host within the SoC. This field is only valid if TISCI_MSG_VALUE_RM_UDMAP_FLOW_DELEGATE_HOST_VALID is set in tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::valid_params.
clearClears the flow delegation when enabled. Set this parameter to TISCI_MSG_VALUE_RM_UDMAP_FLOW_DELEGATE_CLEAR. This field is only valid if TISCI_MSG_VALUE_RM_UDMAP_FLOW_DELEGATE_CLEAR_VALID is set in tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::valid_params.

Data Fields

struct tisci_header hdr
uint32_t valid_params
uint16_t dev_id
uint16_t flow_index
uint8_t delegated_host
uint8_t clear

Field Documentation

◆ hdr

struct tisci_header tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::hdr

◆ valid_params

uint32_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::valid_params

◆ dev_id

uint16_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::dev_id

◆ flow_index

uint16_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::flow_index

◆ delegated_host

uint8_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::delegated_host

◆ clear

uint8_t tisci_msg_rm_udmap_flow_delegate_req::clear